Workshops - 2013

Class Registration begins January 7th, 2013!

Friday, April 19th - Afternoon

Stranded in Your Hat with Mary Scott Huff (Beginner)

Beginning Portuguese Knitting with Teri Zipf (Beginner)

Saturday, April 19th - Morning

Eeek! Steeks with Mary Scott Huff (Intermediate)

Ergonomics for Spinners with Carson Demers (Beginner)

Beginning Brioche Knitting with Nichole Reese (Intermediate)

Saturday, April 20th - Afternoon

Knitting Happily Ever After - Ergonomics for Knitters with Carson Demers (Beginner)

Turkish Drop Spindling with Wanda Jenkins (Novice)

Double Helix Beaded Crochet Necklace and Bracelet with Darla J. Fanton (Novice)

Sunday, April 21st - All Day

Knitting Behind the Wheel with Mary Scott Huff (Beginner)

Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving with Linda Gettmann (Novice)

Sunday, April 21st - Morning

Brioche Knitting with Two Colors with Nichole Reese (Intermediate)

Sunday, April 21st - Afternoon

Spinning for Colorwork with Deb Accuardi (Intermediate)

Skill Levels:

Novice - No previous experience required

Beginner - You know the basics. For knitting that means casting on, knitting, purling, and binding off. For spinning that means you can spin a continuous thread.

Intermediate - You feel confident with what you are doing. For knitting that means you can begin and finish a basic project on your own, such as a hat, a sock, or a sweater. For spinning this means you can spin, ply, and then use your finished yarn.

Advanced - You know what you are doing. You have explored most Intermediate techniques and feel you are willing to take on anything. For knitting this means you have at least tried colorwork, cables, lace, steeks, etc...before and feel confident using them when called for in a pattern. For spinning this means you know a couple of different spinning techniques (woolen vs worsted), and can use different plying techniques (2-ply, 3-ply, navajo), when needed.

Workshop Guidelines

Please be considerate of your instructor and fellow students:

  • If you require special one-on-one attention to learn a new skill please be aware that instructors have a duty to assist ALL of their students and cannot focus on just one person for an extended period of time. The classes are intentionally small with only 15 students or less per class so instructors should have time to assist every student in the class.

  • Children are welcome in classes with these considerations:

    • Babies - As long as you can 100% guarantee they will not fuss or bother the instructor or other students for the entire length of the class.

    • 12 and under who wish to take classes - Must be accompanied by a supervising adult who is also taking the class.


3 - 9 class hours:  $20/per class hour + materials ($60 per 3 hour class)

12 class hours: $18/per class hour + materials ($54 per 3 hour class)

15 class hours: $16/per class hour + materials ($48 per 3 hour class)


If you would like a boxed lunch, checkout the lunch page!

Here are your options for registering:

1. Register by Mail! 

Fill out the .pdf form here and send it to:
Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival
c/o Yvonne Ellsworth
PO Box 295
Cascade Locks, OR 97014

2. Call 541-392-1828 and register over the phone!

Weekdays only. Hours for calling 10am - 5pm PST.

3. Google Wallet 

  • Step 1: Sign up for the classes you want

  • Step 2: Select Google Checkout when you are ready to checkout

  • Step 3: If you are signing up for 12 or more class hours use the following coupons:

    • 12 class hours use coupon code: 4classes

    • 15 class hours coupon code: 5classes

  • Step 4: Checkout as usual!

4. Paypal 

  • Step 1: Sign up for the classes you want

  • Step 2: Select Paypal when you are ready to checkout

  • Step 3: If you are signing up for 4 or more classes a refund will be issued within 24 hours of purchase.

  • Step 4: Checkout as usual!

Cancellation policy:

Classes may be cancelled up until April 1st, 2013 for a full refund (minus any material fees for materials already provided, such as patterns). After that date no refund will be given.

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