Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule for 2013

Dates & Time:

Friday, April 19th: 9am - 4pm: Vendor Setup

Friday, April 19th: Market is open 4pm - 6pm

Saturday, April 20th: 9am - 6pm

Sunday, April 21st: 9am - 2pm

Where do you advertise?

For 2012 I advertised in the following places:

  • Interweave Knits Spring 2012

  • Spin-Off Spring 2012

  • Hood River News Panorama Special Edition for Blossom Festival

  • Blossom Festival Map - The CGFF was stop #1 on the map. The maps were handed out at various locations throughout Hood River the weekend before, during and after the show.

  • Every free community calendar for a news agency in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

  • NwRSA Loose Threads Newsletter

  • Small Farmers Journal - Their big auction is the same weekend as the CGFF so we cross promote.

  • Cross promotion with Fiber Fusion Northwest and the Eastern Oregon Spring and Fall Fiber Festivals (I send them promotional material and they send me the same)

  • Signs and cards with info at every show I do (Black Sheep, Sock Summit, Oregon Flock & Fiber, etc...)

  • Ravelry Ads

  • Ravelry Forums / Facebook / Google+ / Twitter are all updated regularly with news on the show

  • Mailing list with over 500 participants (200 new email addresses added this year!)

  • Posters and cards with info in yarn shops and with vendors who request to take them to shows

Who Visits the show?

Breakdown of interests for students and attendees of 2011 & 2012:

2011 2012

94% Knitting

92% Knitting

52% Spinning

47% Spinning

34% Dyeing

32% Dyeing

26% Crocheting

25% Beading

18% Beading

24% Weaving

14% Quilting

22% Crocheting

14% Other  - Includes Felting & Weaving

16% Felting

12% Embroidery

14% Embroidery
  11% Quilting
  3% Other
*Participants could choose more than one option, so totals equal more than 100%

 If there are so many Knitters why is it called a "Fiber" Festival?

I use the term "fiber" to encompass all Fiber Arts. I graduated from University of Oregon with a degree in Business and Art with my focus in Fiber Arts. The Fibers Department encompasses all Fiber Arts. Primarily this includes Weaving and Surface Design, and very little, if any, Knitting or Spinning. This means that the CGFF is open and welcome to dyers who dye yarn or fiber, as well as those who sell tools, accessories, weaving supplies, fabric, buttons, or anything else which can be defined under the term Fiber Arts. I do discourage resellers and prefer local Indie artists as much as possible.

Did you know that XYZ is happening the same weekend as the CGFF, you should change the date?!

I am aware that April is a great time for many events. I have chosen the 3rd weekend in April as the date for the show for 2 reasons. One, it is the same weekend as Blossom Festival, which brings a lot of attention to the show and provides extra entertainment for participants. Two, I believe in consistency. I feel that since my show is just starting out the best thing I can do is provide a date which is consistent every year. Anytime someone asks what the date will be I can simply say it will be the third weekend in April. People will expect it to be the same and can rely on it year after year.

Why doesn't the CGFF change location?

When I chose The Hood River Inn - Best Western I did it based on several factors including location, rooms for vendors, rooms for classes, staff friendliness, etc... I have looked at other locations and none of them meet the criteria as well as The Hood River Inn. So, until that changes the show will continue to be there.

Why is there a van going to Downtown Hood River / Knot Another Hat?

Knot Another Hat pays for a shuttle van which goes back and forth from the shop to the CGFF. This is a courtesy to attendees. During Blossom Festival downtown Hood River has very little parking. So attendees can take the shuttle, visit the shop, have lunch at one of the many local restaurants and come back to the show. I feel it is an overall benefit to the show and vendors, because people come back. I have visited many shows and many local yarn shops. Usually I visit the yarn shops after I visit the marketplace at a show and then I go home. With a shuttle van attendees come back to the marketplace and go back for that item they realize they have to have after all.

This is a much loved feature of the show by attendees. It would be disappointing to many if it was no longer available.

Children in the Marketplace during Setup / Takedown.

Every year I hear complaints about the safety of children in the marketplace during setup and takedown. Safety of children is the responsibility of the parent. If they feel it is safe for them to be there then it is their choice. Many of the vendors who participate in the CGFF are working mothers, myself included. I feel it would be discrimination to exclude children and thus exclude working mothers from the event.

I don't like the lighting in my booth, what can I do?

Vendors are responsible for providing their own lighting and display for their products. Upon request the hotel may be able to provide a lamp or two, but should not be relied upon. When in doubt, bring an extra light or two to ensure your products are shown off to best advantage.

The marketplace is too hot / too cold.

If you feel it is too hot or too cold in the marketplace, please come talk to me or one the people at the Info Booth in Marketplace 1. The thermostat can be adjusted. The hotel staff are very prompt and helpful about this when they know about it.

Can I get help unloading/loading my booth?

In 2013, extra help will be available from the hotel staff for $25 per person per hour.

What happened to Marketplace 2?

After receiving many complaints from vendors about this space I decided not to use it any more. So vendors will be limited to those who can fit into Marketplace 1.

2012 LavenderSheep - Yvonne Ellsworth