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Comments from Vendors:

-"It was great!"

-"Very good for a first-time out I think! I had lots of positive feedback from the "locals" saying "it's about time!""

-"I thought it was pretty fantastic for a first year; loved the location including the lodging. Everyone was so nice, and it was pretty festive in Saturday. I did really good sales on Saturday (matched Black Sheep). "

Comments from Students:

-"Love Toots LeBlanc and the spindle booths! Love the hotel and location. Thank you so much..."

-"I was thrilled with the whole fest. I am local, so it was fun to have everything in my own 'backyard'. I look forward to next year. I think a larger marketplace with more room to move around would be great. At the same time, the personal closeness was nice. My classes and class size were great. The fiber/yarn choices were great, but it would also be nice to see some spinning wheel accessories/care. (I loved seeing the carder guy there).

Overall, I think you did a great job, and I am soooo excited for next year. Also, we talked about the fest in one of my classes, and everyone had positive responses.

Thanks for all of your hard work to put this together! (I can't even imagine the time and energy that took)"

-"Yvonne, you did an AMAZING job creating a fiber festival from scratch. I had a great time and I can't wait to go again next year."

-Thank you. You did an outstanding job putting this together. I'm sure the market will be bigger and better than ever next year. I hope you continue to also be a small event where new teachers get a chance to be introduced to us."

-"This is a wonderful adddition to events in the Gorge! Everyone I have talked to thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and was delighted to have it local!"

-"Location, organization, timing (early spring), and bringing everything off so well is very impressive. Congratulations! and Thank you!"

-"Keep up the good work! Am looking forward the next festival…"

-"I'm looking forward to taking a class again next year."

Comments from General Attendees:

-"While the marketplace was small compared with Black Sheep or Oregon Flock and Fiber, the selection was excellent."

-"Wonderful festival! I had a great time."

-"Good job on your first festival! I look forward to coming again next year!"

-"Thank you SO MUCH for supporting the crafts! I appreciate your effort to put this event together."

-"It was well worth the drive from Central Oregon and the cost of fuel (Around $40 round trip). The lunch at the hotel was fabulous (crab/shrimp sandwich). It was a good time of year as the snow was mostly melted (a little on the Hood River route) and I think that I was ready for a fiber fix as I was unable to go to Madrona."

Thank you so much for seeing that this happened and, especially, asking for opinions."

-"Yes! Loved the smaller venue with the smaller marketplace although I thought the vendors who were there could have used a bit more individual space, wider aisles! VERY personal. I was able to visit with each of the vendors. It was lovely - a beautiful setting! VERY talented people! Absolutely beautiful yarns and rovings. The Hood River yarn shop Knot Another Hat - delightful! Great idea to have the shuttle!! GREAT JOB Lavender Sheep, Yvonne!!!!! I came home with some absolutely beautiful fibers!!! Can't wait till next year!"

-"Overall great job! Really appreciated the shuttle to downtown."

-"Overall an amazing job for your first year putting on a festival!"

-"Great job and thank you for all your efforts!"

-"I thought there was a good mix of vendors - some for knitters, some for spinners, some for both. I came mainly because of two local dyers and enjoyed talking to them about their yarn and how they chose the colorways and the names for them."

-"We had a great time! Thanks!"

-"I enjoyed the show!"

-"I think you did a great job! Thank you for all your hard work - I enjoyed the festival very much and look forward to next year."

-"I thought it was great, expecially impressive for a first-year effort. Thank you!"

-"Great job for a first event. I hope for more space next year to maneuver around and through the vendors, more classes, a space for spinners to sit and chat and ply their craft together. It was a wonderful show and I look forward to attending again. Thanks for your hard work in bringing it all together."

-"Thank you! I had a great time."

-"You did a good job and I can't wait to see it again next year."

-"I think that for a first year event, this was very, very good and I look forward to seeing how it grows."

-"You did a great job. I really appreciate having something like this nearby. I've wanted to attend something like this in the past, but bailed because what I've seen has been in Portland."

-"Thanks for such a great, friendly, comfortable fun experience. Left me excited for how the show can grow for next year!"

-"Facilities were beautiful and the restaurant was the best. You did a great job for the first year and I will come back next year. Thank You!"

-"Fantastic First Year! Thank you so much. I love any excuse to pop up to Hood River."

-"Congratulations on a great show! It's a huge undertaking and much appreciated!"

-"Really great event for a first time!! Thanks for all the organization!"

-"For a first time event I was very impressed. It was well organized. And it was so nice not to have to drive for a couple of hours to get there. 12 minutes from my house, awesome!"

-"I just loved the idea that it was in Hood River. I got to drive over from Portland with friends and it was such a great time spent with them and then going to the Market, back to town for lunch and shopping. All in all a fabulous day! Thank you for doing so much to put this together."

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