2011 Reviews

2012 Reviews:

Comments from Instructors:

"Only in its second year, this Fiber fest already has a devoted following, and a very special energy all its own. The participants all appreciate its being there so much, and its organizers work hard to create a top-notch experience for everyone. In addition to the savage beauty of the surroundings (if you've never seen the Columbia River Gorge, do yourself a favor and make it a priority to visit), the festival has an intimate and relaxed vibe. Nobody was in a hurry, and everybody I met was downright joyful to be there. I'm definitely hoping to teach there again." - Mary Scott Huff

Comments from Vendors:

"I thought it went very smoothly and the hotel staff was very attentive and friendly."

"Thought it was great. I am always so impressed with the hotel staff."

"The hotel was really helpful! Not sure I'd change anything."

Comments from Students:

"The Venue for CGFF is outstanding. The hotel, restaurant, downtown Hood River and other nearby scenic points of interest are outstanding. This year we went to Madrona for the first time (Tacoma WA) and we would not return. Parking, area surrounding the hotel.....etc. But we LOVE the Hood River area and this fiber festival. And, a huge thank you to all that spent hours putting on this festival. Also, it was an excellent idea to have the reception area with Nadine and the additional Marketplace."

"Loved it - it was amazingly well-organized. Thank you!"

"I have been the co-chair of a week-end convention and know first hand how much work goes into pulling it off. Kudos to all who put this together. The setting was great, and the extras included with the room price were appreciated (breakfast & 1/2 price second entree coupons). You did a great job on the weather too, not too windy and sunshine ;-)"

"Keep doing the festival. I guarantee it is going to grow and grow. So good to be in such a nice area on a nice weekend with such nice people. Also, want to say thanks to Knot Another Hat for promoting this, otherwise I might not have known about it. Also, I love that yarn store. Make sure Alpha B comes again to the festival. I cannot get enough of her yarns!"

"I was very impressed by all the indi dyers that were a part of the marketplace."

"Better this year than last. Lighting was still an issue. Everyone was helpful tho and the vendors seemed very enthusiastic. The class was the best I have taken."

"Yvonne, I am so glad that you have started the CGFF! I know it is a lot of work and appreciate all of your efforts. Having it close to home is to good to be true! Your vender selections were wonderful. I now have several favorites and really hope they will be back next year. I really enjoy a market and class selection this size. I find Stitches, and I would probable say the same about Sock Summit, mind boggling!"

"It was excellent."

"It is tough finding topics and instructors for all interests, but you did a good job."

"Loved it! Can't wait for next year"

"I appreciate the excellent organizational Yvonne has. This event went so smoothly, and if there were any glitches, the guests didn't see it! I know what it's like to put on a big event like this as I have helped Glenny with the Art and Soul events in the past. WOW - it is a special skill and Yvonne, you'e got it!! Thanks again, Tammy Vail"

Comments from General Attendees:

"I had a great time! I especially enjoyed meeting everyone from the book (Beyond Toes by Judy Becker) and was just out with a friend telling her all about it. She said that she is going next year no matter what. Thank you! I think it's the best show, price and location are great and who ordered that weather. Keep it up. " - Misty O'Brien, Astoria, OR (Winner of the 2012 Treasure Hunt)

"I was not able to attend this year. Looks like I missed a great time!"

"Really nice; I hope I have more income next year, so I'll have more expendable cash!"

"It was a fun experience and nice venue."

"Overall, I loved it and thought it was well done."

"I loved it - I will be there next year (if my budget can recover!!)."

"Fabulous!!!!!!! I love the location (city and convention center)"

"I visited the Marketplaces but they weren't open while I was there on Friday. They did look nice and I came with the intention of buying but I wanted to do some comparison shopping and I didn't feel comfortable having people talk to me while they were trying to set up.

That being said I loved my class and I felt the show had a wonderful feel to it. I'll will be back."

"I liked the extra vendor space this year in the detached building."

"It was great that there were 2 spots for the venders. Last year it was very crowded and I felt rushed. I think the split venue was just the ticket! Loved it all."

"This is a great event. Thank you for putting it on."

"I was VERY impressed with the marketplace! I planned on being there for one hour and I was there about 4-5 hours! I have told several people about it and will continue to talk it up!"

"I think it's a great show, and will only continue to get better as it becomes more well known. Well done!"

"It is fun to see everyone again and perfect timing! It is good to have shows throught the year to make sure one has a stash large enough in event of being shut in for a long period of time!"

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